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  • OLS team receives support from local schools

    Each year, hundreds of Texans come from all over the state to help their fellow Texans in Operation Lone Star, but the operation would not be successful without the support of the local communities.One of the biggest ways the local community plays a role in Operation Lone Star is by providing the

  • North Texas Veteran's Day celebration, Remembering our heroes

    Keller, Texas (Nov 12, 2008) --It was a beautiful and sunny north Texas fall day on Sunday, Nov. 9 as 350 residents of Keller and surrounding communities joined Texas Air National Guard members at the Christian Life Center on Pecan Street to honor U.S. Veterans. Texas Air National Guard Vice

  • Hero in our midst

    Fort Worth, Texas (Nov 14, 2008) -- A traditional guardsman doesn't have a "normal life," as most will admit. He or she works a civilian job all week, finds time to cook dinner then coach a kid's soccer team. In addition there are preparations for a monthly drill only to find out the day before

  • 136 AW members were a success at patient evacuation from Gustav

    BEAUMONT, Texas -- The Air National Guard is a unique military branch. Each state responds to their governor's call during a state of emergency. One of the main catastrophes for state emergencies is in weather such as hurricanes. Yet it isn't that state that gets hit with the hurricanes, the sister

  • Texas Military Forces provide caring hand

    GALVESTON, TX (September 19, 2008) - - The aftermath of Hurricane Ike left the citizens of Galveston without basic necessities such as potable water or power but it did leave them with the one thing most crucial to rebuilding - Hope. While most of the residents had evacuated prior to the storm

  • 136th Airlift Wing contributes locally with Hurricane Ike support

    DALLAS, TX - - Approximately thirty members from the 136th Airlift Wing arrived at the Dallas Convention Center Saturday afternoon just days after assisting In the evacuation of special needs patients from the path of Hurricane Ike in southeast Texas. With three hurricanes hitting Texas or its