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  • Mother's Day

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated in one way or another in many countries around the world. On the second Sunday in May, Americans celebrate by giving their mothers flowers, cards and various other gifts.While motherhood itself can be a full-time job, some mothers

  • Taking weather to new heights

    Among the most highly trained fleet of Airmen in the Texas Air National Guard are those from the Air Force Special Operations Weather Team. Far from the typical expectation of meteorologists, Air Force Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) airmen undergo unique training to operate in hostile and

  • Across the wild blue yonder to serve ARCTIC CARE 2017

    KODIAK ISLAND, ALASKA --The mission of the Texas Air National Guard involves not only assisting individuals within the state, but also for nation-wide outreach efforts to provide relief and care for citizens throughout the country. When called, guardsmen are equipped to travel coast-to-coast to

  • Single Father Driven to Become Best Warrior

    FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Finding motivation for accomplishing goals and excelling is something that most people can relate to. From making decisions in one’s everyday life to career choices that may affect the outcome of the future. Some even decide at a moment's notice to take on a new challenge to

  • The power of motivation

    FORT WORTH, TX - For many Airmen, the New Year is about new beginnings. This can be an opportunity to start fresh and a chance to begin working toward new fitness goals.For Senior Airman Benjamin Le, 136th Force Support Squadron services apprentice, Texas Air National Guard, Fort Worth, Texas, 2017

  • WWII pilot presented Distinguished Flying Cross after 68 years

    A World War II veteran was presented the Distinguished Flying Cross during a ceremony here at the 136th Airlift Wing, Texas Air National Guard, Sept. 19, 2013.Thomas P. Faulkner of Dallas was presented the award for his actions while serving as a first lieutenant and bomber pilot with the U.S. Army

  • Commemorative parachute jumps honoring WWII heroes

    U.S. Air National Guard Senior Master Sgt. Del Atkinson, 136th Security Forces Squadron, a former U.S. Army paratrooper, 101st Airborne Division (air assault), is a member of the Liberty Jump Team who performs commemorative parachute jumps honoring WWII heroes as well as veterans of all Wars and

  • Ready, aim, fire!

    One team, one fight, a common phrase used in the military, has become the motto of the 136th Security Forces Squadron here. The SFS team is constantly focusing and training to handle realistic encounters down range, with the focus of this training on team building. The shoot and move exercise

  • Mobile kitchen feeds 500

    Members of the 136th Force Support Squadron, Services Flight has been handpicked by the National Guard Bureau as the fourth unit to acquire a Babington Disaster Relief Mobile Kitchen Trailer which arrived here February 22, 2013.The reputation of the 136th Services Flight as upholding high standards

  • 181st Special Ops Weather Flight - Mild mannered or 'thrill junkies

    A weatherman is a meteorologist who forecasts weather based on atmospheric and meteorological conditions. One might watch them on television forecasting on the nightly news in a nice air-conditioned environment; but not our Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) members. They are