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Commander's Biography

136AW Commander's Biography

Our Vision

"Nulli Secundus" - Second to none, to be the superior global team of choice.
- be the premier airlift team of choice

Our Values

We live our core values as Citizen Airmen. We value the support of our families, retirees, employers, and friends. We are determined to serve honorably and to remain worthy of the great men and women who join us.

Our Goals

Best Airmen - Highly trained, highly motivated, and highly skilled Airmen. Maintain superior morale, trust, teamwork, and esprit des corps by promoting professional education, taking care of people and rewarding their hard work

Mission Ready - Enable combatant commanders, exceed standards, achieve highest scores on inspections, meet peacetime and wartime expectations

Seek Emerging Missions - Aggressively pursue Active Associate status, engage elected representatives, achieve center of excellence status for flight and emergency management training; acquire new aircraft and missions



Spark Tank

CALLING ALL INNOVATORS! Present your innovative idea to a panel of Spark Tank judges for a chance to take your idea to the next level. Presenting your innovative ideas can improve wing readiness, training, efficiency, defense and beyond. Be creative, but brief – you’ll only have a few minutes to sell your idea to the judges. Stay tuned for the next Spark Tank event, coming to a wing near you.

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