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C-130H2 Hercules

Mission: The C-130 Hercules provides tactical airlift and is the transport for air dropping troops and equipment into hostile areas. The aft loading
ramp and door can accommodate oversized cargo from utility helicopters and six-wheeled armored
vehicles to standard palletized cargo and military personnel. In an aerial delivery role, it can airdrop loads up to 42,000 pounds on land and deliver cargo on rough, dirt strips. The C-130 can be rapidly configured for the various types of cargo such as palletized equipment, floor-loaded
material, airdrop platforms, container delivery system bundles, vehicles and personnel or aeromedical

C-130 Statistics
Source: Air Mobility Command, Public Affairs Office

Contractor: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.
Power Plant: 4 Allison T56-A-15 turboprops;
4,591 prop shaft horsepower
Length: 97 feet, 9 inches (29.3) meters
Height: 38 feet, 10 inches (11. 9 meters)
Wingspan: 132 feet, 7 inches (39.7 meters)
Speed: 366 mph/318 ktas (Mach 0.52) at 20,000 feet (6,060 meters)
Ceiling: 23,000 feet (7,077 meters) with 42,000 pounds (19,090 kilograms) payload.
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 155,000 pounds
(69,750 kilograms)
Maximum Allowable Payload: 42,000 pounds
(19,090 kilograms)
Range with 35,000 pounds of Payload: 1,496 miles
(1,300 nautical miles)
Maximum Load: 6 pallets or 74 litters or 16 CDS
bundles or 92 combat troops or 64 paratroopers, Crew: 5 or 6 (2 pilots, navigator, flight engineer and 1 or 2 loadmasters)
Total C-130 Inventory: Active force, 186; Air National
Guard, 222; Air Force Reserve, 106

  • 136 AW Public Affairs Office, Ph: (817) 852-3344
  • Office of the Commander, (817) 852-3202

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