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Does the Texas Air National Guard have educational benefits?

Yes, the educational benefits that are available to members of the Texas Air National Guard are "Second to None". For those who are interested in higher education but cannot afford the ever-escalating costs, the Texas Air National Guard is an ideal way to meet this challenge. It offers programs such as the Montgomery GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Kicker, Tuition Assistance, Student Loan Repayment Program and a Cash Bonus Program.

Does the Texas Air National Guard offer Tuition Assistance to students?

Yes, in addition to the Montgomery GI Bill, the Texas Air National Guard offers tuition assistance to its members. If a student attends a state-supported school, the Texas Air National Guard pays 50% tuition, students attending private or independent institutions will receive funding at a rate not to exceed that of those students attending public institutions.

How much of my Student Loan will the Texas Air National Guard repay?

This program pays 15% of a student loan each year, up to a maximum of $2,500 per year, plus accrued interest, as long as the loan is at least one year old. The maximum amount that is paid is $20,000. Even if a student has an old loan, that is, one that was made before joining the Texas Air National Guard, it is eligible for the repayment program as long as the loan is not in default.

What is the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Kicker Program?

Beginning in 1999, the Montgomery GI Bill has added a benefit which provides increased assistance to eligible Texas Air National Guard members to further their education, up to and including graduate degrees. This program is designed to attract personnel into the most critical or hard-to-fill career fields in the Air National Guard. To receive the additional aid, the enrollee must successfully complete training in one of the selected Montgomery GI Bill Kicker eligible critical career fields. A full-time student enlisted in one of those fields will receive $350 per month in addition to the Montgomery GI Bill.

What is the Montgomery GI Bill?

The Montgomery GI Bill is 100% noncontributory and is available for Texas Air National Guard members who want to pursue a college degree. The amount of the aid varies with the number of credits the students takes in college. A full-time student for example (12 credit hours), will receive up to $282 per month.

What type of Incentive Programs does the Texas Air National Guard offer?

The Texas Air National has a two-part incentive program. These programs are available to Texas Air National Guard members. Part one is the Student Loan Repayment Program and part two is the Cash Bonus Program. You may be eligible based on the career field the Air National Guard identifies as critical.

What’s in it for me?

A lot more than you can imagine. While there have always been many benefits associated with the Texas Air National Guard, there are more today than ever before. The educational benefits have never been better. There are more opportunities for career training than any time in our history. Moreover, the free training you receive will make it far easier for you to find a well-paying job in civilian life. The pay is excellent. There are many opportunities for promotion, and with promotions come more responsibility and higher pay. There is an outstanding noncontributory retirement program. Low-cost term life insurance is also available. There is free air travel, and you will be entitled to shopping and recreational privileges at military installations. In addition, depending on the career path you choose, you may be eligible for an enlistment bonus. We believe that being in the Texas Air National Guard is the best part-time job you can get. It requires a minimal investment of your time and provides financial and personal rewards far beyond your imagination.


How much Cash Bonus can I receive?

The amount of bonus an enlistee receives in this program varies, depending on available funding and career field. Minimally, an enlistee receives a $2,000 bonus at the completion of technical training school, and a $1000 bonus on the third, fourth and fifth enlistment anniversary dates.