Where in the world is ... 136th chaplain at the edge of the earth

  • Published
  • By Story by Staff Sgt. Jennifer Schofield
  • 136 Airlift Wing Public Affairs
When they say that you just never know where the Texas National Guard might take you, they really mean it! Just ask Chaplain (Major) Laura Adelia, 136AW Wing Chaplain, whose duties have taken her literally to the edge of the earth. Traveling to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, by way of Christchurch, New Zealand, Chaplain Adelia, became the first female chaplain at the South Pole. She will be provide spiritual support to the various military personnel assigned to "Operation Deep Freeze," a science and research mission spearheaded by the Air National Guard each year during the summer months in Antarctica from September to November 2010. Chaplain Adelia has already picked up the Erebus Chalice, a cup that has been used for the Eucharist during services in Antarctica for many years and stored in Christchurch during the winter months. She will be providing us with regular updates and stories about her time at the edge of the world - so stay tuned!