You Are...What You Eat

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Ed Walden
  • 136 Force Support Squadron
Being informed is a great way to ensure you are eating right and doing the proper exercises.

In the past I have written about making sure you have a plan before you go to the gym. How about making sure you have a plan before you go out to eat or make your meals at home.

One of my previous newsletter articles dealt with reading the nutritional labels ensuring you understood what you read. Now, I want all of you to try to focus on making sure you order and/or make the right type of food when you sit down to eat.

There are a lot of great books that have been published which will help you make the right choices. I have come across "Pick it Kick it" or "Eat this Not That" and there are a few more out there. These books give you a basic understanding of some of the choices you should make when it comes to your food. For example, twenty five Emerald Cocoa Roast Dark Chocolate Almonds have just 150 calories and contain healthy fat. One large 2.5 oz Chocolate Chip cookie has 350 calories and 8 TSP of sugar. Wow...I would rather get my chocolate fix by eating the almonds than by putting on an extra inch or two with just one cookie.

Do yourself a favor and do a little research on the foods you eat. The two books mentioned above are just a small example of some great knowledge that can be at your fingertips. Don't forget, you can always view a free copy of these books at your local library.