Operation Lone Star goes international

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt Ivyann Castillo
  • Operation Lone Star Public Affairs
A small handful of doctors and medical students are giving an international persona to Operation Lone Star this week at the Brownsville Medical Innovative Readiness Training Team Site (MIRTTS). 

Two doctors and three medical students from the Czech Republic Army are here observing the Texas Military Forces and state and local health agencies during the medical mission of Operation Lone Star. 

During the students' fifth year of medical training, the Czech Republic Army medical team picks a field location to enhance their training experience, and this year once again they chose Operation Lone Star. 

"The students have six years in medical school and afterwards have to choose a specialty to practice that can add three to six more years of training depending on what they specialize in," said 1st Lt. Suataua Pribylova, general practioner, Czech Republic Army. 

"We love this country with its friendly population, and it is a great experience to work with different people," said Pribylova. "It also helps us to practice and understand English better." 

The students and doctors are primarily observing the medical triage section at the Brownsville MIRTTS. 

"I like it here and I am glad we are here helping," said Warrant Officer Jana Hornickova, medical student, Czech Republican Army. 

The Czech Republic Army medical personnel are currently students at the Military University of Defense, which hosts students from multiple countries.