531st Air National Guard Band of the southwest


Band of the Southwest

Since the days of George Washington, when fifes and drums led the charge into battle, bands have been an integral part of the military mission, enhancing image, troop morale, and public relations. A rich and varied legacy stems from the past, conjuring up visions of brass bands during the Civil War, marches in the park led by John Phillip Sousa, dance bands led by Glenn Miller during WWII, or the lone trumpeter playing Taps at Arlington National Cemetery. Military bands have led the way in many a pass-in-review by foreign dignitaries, the funeral procession of President Kennedy, the joyous return of our POWs from Vietnam, and the victory parades following Desert Storm. The 531st Air Force Band has over a forty year history of sustaining the traditions and heritage that has become the hallmark of military bands. This thirty-six member unit maintains a high degree of musical performance flexibility in order to accommodate a wide variety of tasks in support of official military functions and community relations programs. This unit has been named by the governor as the "Official Band of Texas" and proudly represents the state of Texas by performing in over fifty performances annually, spanning the globe. Whether your needs include a Concert Band, Jazz Band, Popular Music Ensemble or Brass Quintet, the 531st Air Force Band is the Air National Guard Band of choice.